The mission of Story Real Estate is to Help Others Build Legacies. Our vision is that people’s lives and legacies will be changed for the better by their relationships with Story Real Estate agents and staff. This translates to our are passion for helping our clients wherever they are in their story: buying their first home to raise their family, downsizing for retirement, purchasing investment properties for long-term passive income, flipping houses, or purchasing land to build. This vision also translates to our team members. We are committed to helping one another build legacies, and that applies to all of life, from financial goals to professional development to personal growth. We believe that each person has been given gifts that they can either waste or develop, and we are committed to seeing our team grow and thrive. 



Our team culture is built on a belief in abundance rather than scarcity. That means that while we are driven, we don’t believe that one person’s success requires another person’s loss. Rather, we work together so that we and our clients can all win.

On a practical level, this means that our office is full of laughter, collaboration, and hard work. We work to help one another even where we don’t see a direct benefit to ourselves, because we know the value of investing in our team. This teamwork lays a foundation for trust and transparency. It has created a team that feels like family. We intentionally nurture this camaraderie and growth through things like team lunches, book discussions, weekly trainings, and quarterly goal-planning. 


Real estate presents a phenomenal opportunity to grow your own business. As an independent contractor, the sky is the limit: you can grow your income and adjust your schedule to fit your own goals and lifestyle. Working with a team allows you this freedom while providing you with the resources, training, and support staff to succeed. Over the past years we have have developed systems that have proven successful and have transformed the local real estate market, and we would love to share that success with you!


Are you committed to honesty, integrity, responsibility, and excellence? Are you interested in joining a mission-focused team and having a ton of fun along the way? Would you like the freedom of owning your own business? We’d love to meet you! Drop us a line and let’s see if there may be an opportunity to work together. Whether you’re interested in finding out the basics of the licensing process or a licensed agent looking for a team to join, we’d love to connect!