Moscow, Idaho is situated in the rolling hills of the Palouse. Described by the Wall Street Journal as the “Tuscany of America,” the Palouse boasts some of the most fertile farmland in the nation. The gently rolling hills are covered year round with the saturated, vibrant, and even neon greens of springtime grains, the shimmering canola blossoms, or the white of winter.


Moscow was incorporated in 1887, and many of the original buildings and businesses exist today. Over the past decade, the town has seen a surge of entrepreneurial passion from artists who love their crafts and are passionate about sharing it with the community – from fitness to outdoor gear to specialty yarn to local jewelry to craft beer and dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients. Remote work has also made it possible for companies to establish headquarters or branches out of this small, lively town. All of us at Story Real Estate love where we live, and we love supporting the businesses that make our town so wonderful. Each month we partner with a local business for a Story Real Estate Business Highlight to showcase what they bring to our community. Check out some of our highlights, and then go check out the businesses!


Idaho has the fastest growing state population in the nation. Moscow has intentionally kept its size small to preserve the small-town dynamics and the beauty of the surrounding farmland, rather than devolving into a sprawling suburbia. As people are moving to the area, the many small towns within 30 minutes of Moscow have grown up as well to accommodate the influx. We’ve loved watching the surrounding towns infused with this new energy that has brought out their distinct personalities. 


With its walkable neighborhoods, low crime rates, beautiful parks, quaint downtown, and police reports featuring moose on the loose and skunk rescues, Moscow has built a reputation as the best place in the nation to raise a family. Public, private, charter, and co-op schools provide a wide variety of options for education. The University of Idaho provides extracurricular opportunities in the arts including strong music pedagogy programs, an annual Jazz Festival, classical music concerts, and art exhibits. Other resources include local sports, 4-H, the weekly Farmer’s Market, the county fair, and spectacular outdoor hiking, camping, and adventuring spots – just a few of the many things that make Moscow a great place to raise a family!


Every weekend from April through October you’ll find Main Street bustling end-to-end with vendors offering local produce, raw dairy, free range meat, wine, goat milk soaps, hand carved cutting boards, honey, and street food, with local performers providing live music and entertainment. The Moscow Farmer’s Market is ranked the 2nd best in Idaho and 11th nationwide. Experience world class music with the Auditorium Chamber Series and the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, or go downtown on a weekend night and enjoy live music from indie groups. Take a walk on the campus, including the arboretum and botanical gardens. Enjoy the all kinds of outdoor activities within easy driving distance: jump off the cliffs at Granite Point, raft the Snake River, swim in Elk River Falls. In the winter, take advantage of the beautiful snow and go ice skating, snow shoe up Moscow Mountain, and ski the mountains at Schweitzer.